Water pollution

Water pollution, as a result of urbanisation and industrialization, often causes surface water pollution leading to treatment of drinking water more tedious. Water scarcity looming in different parts of the city often leads to inflow of tanker lorries creating traffic chaos.

All the above mentioned problems make the life in city very unpleasant and abatement of the same costs a lot of energy which could have been used for some other developmental activities for the city contributing to the overall quality of life. Solutions to all the above problems are the practice of retention and detention of rain water. Retention is often known as rain water harvesting and detention is done by artificial recharge of ground water (ARGW) of urban areas and water shed management practices of rural areas. In the case of RWH the harvested water is pumped out for day to day activities while ARGW is done mainly to combat the urban floods and other water related sustainability issues with a long term perspective. Water shed management is practiced for proliferation of agricultural activities of the rural areas.