Urban Floods

Anywhere in the world increase in paved areas is synonymous with urban development resulting in increased run off, as percolation to ground is substantially reduced. Also the run off will be fast rather than slow which results in carrying of more silt leading to siltation of canals and drains. Increase in run off combined with reduced discharge capacity of drains leads to urban floods for a long time after heavy down pours. Urban flooding creates very unpleasant situation with long hours of traffic block resulting in fuel waste and time loss. Also, when roads get flooded for long hours bituminous roads get damaged resulting in huge maintenance cost of roads. During urban floods there is every possibility of rain water mixing up with sources of contamination which often results in diseases like leptospirosis. Also urban floods causes stagnant water pockets which acts as a breeding place for mosquitoes which spreads vector born diseases like Malaria, Dengue fever etc. Urban flood often causes inundation of low level areas which may be often occupied by low income groups and economical weaker sections of the society and heritage buildings.