Different Types of TDR

1.Slum TDR
When the developer or owner surrenders his land to the government and agrees to rehabilitate slum dwellers free of cost he is issued a TDR certificate that gives him additional construction rights in designated areas. Slum TDR is effectively practiced in Mumbai.
2.Heritage TDR
A land owner who cannot develop his property despite unutilized floor space index , as the existing structure is a heritage building, can use or sell the development rights in the open market. Builders who buy the TDR can use the right in designated areas. Aim of heritage TDR is to protect the heritage buildings without penalizing the land owner.
3.Agricultural land TDR
In United States TDR is effectively used for the protection of farm land and ecologically sensitive zones.
4.Amenity/ road TDR
If any of the amenities mentioned in the master plan is constructed by a party, in lieu he is given a TDR in a designated area.

For an environmentally efficient development management system 'Transferable Development Right' is an indispensible tool to be applied for effecting development in the efficiency zones and discouraging development in inefficient zones.