The efficiency indicator EE in the urban context and CC in the regional context, both are having a diminishing trend in the case of State of Kerala.

From all the above it is clear that any sincere effort to improve the crisis of Kerala model is to concentrate on the efficiency indicators EE and CC. Formulating policies, programs and legal tools to improve the EE and CC values are the need of the hour. Also it is true that there is no magic wand to improve the Kerala situation other than long term measures. Through reforms in urban planning and applying energy efficient technology EE of Kerala can be improved in a phased manner. Encouraging planned, compact, high density development with compatible mixed land use around human development prone centers alongwith the energy conservation technologies can go a long way to improve EE of Kerala. This in turn improves the CC also as biocapacity improves when the ecosystem is undisturbed. CC can further be improved through regional planning measures and inculcating functional dependencies in the region which in turn can reduce the fossil fuel consumption for transportation of resources to the human development centers.